Sassa Online Application : How to Apply for SRD R350 Grant Online including Bank Payments.

For begin this process successfully these are the basic things you have to know: The money given to south africans is a sort of credit given to you but which requires no repayment. This money or credit advanced to you by the agency is designed to enable you have enough cash each month for you to meet all your essential needs and even clothing needs. How does this work? Its a financial arranged made by government to ensure all citizens as well as residents get earn R350 each month as long as they are not receiving any amount adding up to R350 each month. This will assist them to live a comfortable life. Think of the R350 Grant as money given to you on which you do not have to pay any taxes. Yes. The a money or cash given by the agency is without tax obligations. This is due to the fact that its seen to a credit application for cash for which the applicant cannot pay back within a financial year.

You do not need any documents other than your identification and a means by which you can be reached if you are accepted or approved. It is important that all those who apply for this money should know that there is a chance that you can be rejected. A successfully submitted application does not mean that your application would be successful or approved. Make sure to have your information ready. Can The R350 be used as a Loan Collateral? The money received from the R350 fund can not be used as a collateral in getting any sort of loan whether. If you have existing loans you can try a debt consolidation program or any other means offered by the bank you deal with in order to assist you regularise your account.

Make sure if you are approved the bank account number you provide should not be one that has an existing loan on it otherwise the bank is entitled to make deductions as soon as money is paid into that account. Can I use another persons bank account to collect payment if my account is not ready yet. The answer is no. Each adult is expected to receive the money into their own bank account thus taking away the risk of possible fraud. Once you use another persons bank account even if they are not receiving the R350 credit each month.

I want do change my banking details, What do I do? Once you are done with your application and have submitted it, you have to go back to the website and scroll down to the section that talks about how to change your banking details and fill the fields provided with your information.

Once you have done this your information will be saved to your profile and your banking details will be changed. Note that you must not change your banking details 24 hours before your payment date.

If you are rejected, all you have to do is to go back to the platform and submit a request for a review or an appeal. Once this is done it will take about fourteen days to get a response.

This process must be initiated within thirty days of receiving your rejection notice. If the request for a review delays and goes beyond thirty days then you cannot request a review for that period for which you have been declined.

It is important to point out that the agency in charge of this review will make sure to overturn any wrongfully declined applicants once the information provided is reviewed. Make sure the information as well as the name you have provided is correct and corresponds to your bank account details before you start that process.

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Banking in South Africa?

South African banks are registered, licenced and regulated by the South African Reserve Bank. Without a licence from the central bank, no company may call itself a bank. As the central bank of South Africa, the South African Reserve Bank exercises diligence and care in the issuance of banking licences.